Life is beautiful ♥
River underneath

First stop, Hotel Centro, Palawan’s first four star hotel.

Bilao at palayok- boodle fight (Military style of eating)

The healthy fight I love, tons of different viands and this what happened after an hour of extreme abdominal impregnation…

Presto! Rice all eaten up with some leftover foods.

At Baker’s Hill- such a wonderful place. 

Spotted! It is where AVATAR was filmed. On our way to Puerto Princessa Underground River.

With the lovelies. <3

About to witness the beauty of PPUR.

It was indeed a paradise.

The perfect spot to view the entire hotel and pool side.

Loving the turquoise color of the pool.

Soul- Bar of the hotel

Starfish Island

Its more fun in PALAWAN


23 April 2012    
    source: sharmainesecret