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Friendship bracelet is the new IN this season. I’ve seen a lot of tutorial how to make one on Youtube. For me Anneorshine has the best DIY bracelets tutorial I’ve seen so far. You can check out her channel, she got more other interesting videos. By watching her videos makes me buy tons of embroidery threads and make my own friendship bracelets. Stacking is one way of wearing this type of bracelet. You just have to pile random colorful bracelets and it it will all go along with the other bracelets. Wrap bracelet is also a type of bracelet that is so easy to wear that is very versatile. Colorful bracelets can be the accent of your outfit. Stacking gold/silver/bronze bangles gives a more dramatic vibe while colorful thread bracelets gives more playful peg.

So do not be scared to play with bracelets because a simple bracelet can make a big difference.

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22 May 2012    
    source: sharmainesecret