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Summer in spring

I know that it’s still spring here in Florida but every day, the temperature gradually gets higher and preparing everyone for the summer season. Since it’s our off (Jex and I). We decided to visit Adventure Island. It was a paradise.


Adventure Island has a lot to offer. You can feel the beachy vibe, you can feel few years younger with the different slides that caters different personalities. For me this is a one stop destination in summer. It has different slides to choose from, from beginners to advance.


Since we left the camera in the locker, I have few photos in here. We can visit AI anytime because It’s one of our perks on being an employee of Busch Gardens.image

This is a timed wave pool. The water in here is warm, everyone loves it from all ages.


I’m blinded by the bright rays of the sun, which is giving enough heat.

Here are some of my photos:image

I did not atempt to ride this slide, Ever Glide.image



The swimsuit I wore that day was from Seventeen of Cinderella. I got it on sale which is 3 for 1,000php. Isn’t that a great deal? Yeah, I’m barefoot the whole day. Who cares? Everyone’s busy swimming. I cannot find the pair of my flip flops in our house.


Tanning sessions Hoping to achieve another tan line this year. But I have a few months to go.


Splash attack is my favorite part of the park. I felt I’m a few years younger in here. Instant time machine. :”>


It’s me enjoying Splash Attack! Hihi


Rip Tide is very great! You’ll be lying on your prone position on a map and this slide is ideal for friends who wants to race and know who’s the fastest of them all.


Colorful life jackets




My lunch that day that costs me 10 bucks. It’s already discounted but 10 bucks is already 400PHP Oh noooo


Look at my huge face! Ohhh, I can see my tan line. Can’t wait to visit Adventure Island again with my friends. ‘Till next time.



Getting there (MNL-TPA)

March 15, 2015, at exactly 2:00am, I woke up and headed to the airport, NAIA Terminal 1 to be exact. Jex, my friend, arrived late as usual. Then I checked in all by myself and I was entertained at Delta’s Sky Priority Lane, seriously? HAHAHA! Their conveyor was down that time so we have to carry our baggage to the other side. 3 hours was just enough for me to undergo all the processes in the airport.





OOTD! Scroll down for the details.

We boarded early, about 6:00am, Manila to Nagoya, Japan. They served us full course of meal for breakfast. I love it! However, time difference sucks, the Flight Attendants need to call our name just to let us know that we’re already boarding.

The butt burning flight has already started, the NGO-DTW flight! Delta 747 has their built in touchscreen monitor which looks like a tablet that contains music, movies, television etc. which can give the passenger a worthwhile travelling experience. They also serve several meals which are all very tasty! 

Touchdown Detroit!

First connecting flight at Detroit. When the plane was about to land, I can feel that I was in a different country because of the trees and the houses were far away different from PH. The trees don’t have green leaves. The houses were far away from each other and so on. The Airport has a tram i which the passengers can all ride, but I did not try to ride in it. The airport was so big, or should I say long? There are installed walkalators  which help us, passengers go to the terminal assigned to us easily.



So here’s my travelling OOTD which I think is not so good. HAHA, seriously. I am wearing:

  • Red Cropped Top from a random brand in a Department store. The small opening in my tummy area makes me feel “Kinakabag” during the flight.
  • Denim jacket from Forever21. I’m so obsessed with this jacket because it has an inner pocket which can store your passports and boarding pass. I like it because we don’t need to get our bags and get our passports whenever we need it but we can just slip our hands in the inner pocket of this jacket and presto, your passport is already there! Also take note of the ombre effect of this jacket!
  • Bag from Clippers. The bag comes with a laptop pocket inside and ideal for travelling!
  • Pants from G by Guess. Actually during long flight, I don’t recommend wearing denim pants because it’s just uncomfortable. You should be wearing lightweight bottoms. However, it’s cold on the airplane so, denim pants for me works out.
  • Heeled Oxfords from PD. You should be wearing close shoes because as I said, it’s so cold when you’re up there. Especially when you’re in Canada or something. You should not let others see that corpse-look-like-feet. You can wear heels because you’ll be sitting most of the time.

Okay, and we’re now heading to Tampa, the most exhausting flight ever!


And hell yeah! Welcome to Tampa. Everything went well as planned. WIll be posting the first day at Tampa soon as I have time.


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Few remaining days left

Sorry guys if I haven’t updated my blog for quite sometime and haven’t tracked my countdown. I am in the middle of packing my things and shopping for some stuffs. And also not to mention, I also have some remaining baby thesis to be done. I know I can do this. :”>

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This is one of the biggest decision I had made on my 19 years of existence. Countdown will start very soon, real soon.

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You’re just a dream…

You’re just a dream…


Soon, very soon!Crossed fingers!February2013

Soon, very soon!
Crossed fingers!

A little update on my blog

I have been very busy this sem because of our events and my upcoming OJT. I really don’t want to publish where am I going and when because for me it’s not yet final, even I got my visa  and booked my plane tix already. For me, it’s final when my feet landed on that foreign land. So much for this let’s move on where we headed into last week.

We went to Tagaytay not for leisure but because we needed to film a documentary needed for our midterm project.


The sun is shinning so bright but the weather is a bit cold. A perfect combination! Plus the Taal Volcano view on the background. 


It was Jex filming  Megan and Erika on the background.


And I got a chance to take a picture what I am wearing that day.

  • Baroque print corset from a random thrift shop in Cash and Carry
  • A statement necklace from a thrift shop
  • Gray lace cardigan from Kamiseta
  • Black palazzo pants from Bayo
  • Sequined flat sandals from Candies
  • Pink watch from Guess (which is not seen on this photo)


That has been day 1 of our 3 not consecutive-days-trip to Tagaytay. I want to thank Jex for driving. Buhbye for now!

January 2013

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Time to unwind ✰

I know this is a very late post about my sembreak excursion with my friends. This was planned a long time ago, that we’re going somewhere after the stressful semester. At first we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom but my friend, Jex wasn’t able to bring his car so we have to commute. I really thought we’ll just cancel our plans but they decided to just go to MOA and ice skate. We ate our late lunch at BonChon my new love. They serve Korean chicken which is very tasty, I just love it. I took some photos before we ate.

Oh yeah! Heaven! Just look at how the skin looks so crispy and tasty. We indeed had a mouthwatering lunch. (I need tissue here!LOL XD)

After a couple of minutes, here’s my plate. Round two please! :)

After we shopped for socks which is needed for the ice skating thingy, we just realized that there’s an event that day at the rink so it’s a goodbye ice skating for us. Heading to our plan C, we decided to go to Star City rather just not to waste the day. We call a cab and Star City here we go!

 Our first stop is the Kilabot ng Lagim. You can throw me on the highest building anything you want but horror house is not my interest. I’m not fond of creepy things even I know that it’s just a doll or whatsoever, I just don’t like it. We also rode Jumping Star, Vikings, Surf Dance, Wild River, Star Flyer and last but not the least, my favorite Star Frisbee.

Here are some of our shots that day.

My favorite ride!

Obsessed with my SoFab flats. <3

My BEST, Erika.


Jex, my BEASTfriend! :)

While waiting for them, I took several photos outside the Horror House.

That has been the epitome of that day! We all had fun! Until next time.

All photos are © Jexeller Espineli unless stated otherwise.


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Weekend getaway ☼

As I’d promised, here’s a travel blog fresh from Cebu and Bohol, just kidding.It’s been a while since I last landed and got no time to post a blog about my recent tour. I had been to the place before so I have prior knowledge about it. 

The day started like this, 4:00am is the call time at DLSU-D’s gymnasium. I woke up quarter to 4:00am which causes me a mini-heart attack, I thought I wasn’t being able to join the tour.

Just had our breakfast in Jollibee near terminal 2.

While waiting for our flight. As usual we flew with Philippine Airlines again.

Flight via PR175, Y class,24C. Flying to Bohol took us 45 minutes, that 45 minutes was spent by reading newspapers and munching free snacks from PAL.

However, this article caught my attention. Familiar? This was taken on our very own building, CIHM of DLSU-D.

Our first stop, Danao Adventure Park. Sorry I only have few decent pictures in Danao because we are all effin tired, sleepy and hungry that time. Wasn’t able to take a picture of our lunch. We ate like a soldier, very fast, enough for us to become the firsts on the line of “The Plunge”. It took us about 5 minutes or 10 to decide whether we are going to try the ride. Take a look on the area where we’re going to throw ourselves with just a harness on with some ropes. It was priced 700php but is it all worth it? Let’s see…

Very breath taking ayt? :)

My “The Plunge” outfit. Took off my heeled oxfords and switched to my Sanuk flipflops. And yeah! I’m ready for “The Plunge”!

The face I got when I was hanging on the edge of the platform. I was like OMG! Give me back my money and pull me on this effin high place. But then after the experience, the money was very worth it. I can’t wait to try it one more time! They will also give you a certificate saying that you have overcome the fear management program they have in there. They are also taking you some pictures during the ride and will sell it 50php/picture.

Next stop at Sagbayan Peak,  love this candid shot with my girls, looks like we’re on an advertisement.

  • Chambray shirt from Freeway which is used as an outerwear (Boyfriend’s gift)
  • Tank top from a thrift shop
  • Cropped acid wash jeans from Robinson’s Dept. Store
  • Flip flops from Sanuk, I switch my heeled oxfords from Primadonna to flip flops because of inconvenience.

We ate dinner at a restaurant near Panglao island. We went shopping near the restaurant which I forgot the name. We head to the hotel, Bohol Beach Club and spend the night for our own leisure. After fixing our things up, we headed to the beach front and enjoyed the sea breeze which is very relaxing. We took a couple of photos but everything was a fail. Then after that we went back to our room and sleep. Bohol Beach club compared to Alona Kew was so boring. Alona Kew has more to offer, from bars, souvenir shops and everything unlike in Bohol Beach Club, it was so huge and dark during the night. Moving on on our second day…

Woke up 5:00am in the morning just to enjoy the sand and the beach.

Can you make a guess where’s mine?

Good morning from Bohol!

I love the breakfast but did no had a chance to eat a half of it. Professor’s hurrying us. :/

The first stop. One of the oldest church in the Philippines, Baclayon Church.

Got no whole body shot for this day.

  • Cardigan from Mango
  • Sleeveless paisley print top from The Ramp
  • Heart neclace from Jeorge, Crush
  • Aviators from Market Market
  • Colorful beaded bracelet from Bazaar
  • Acid wash skinny jeans from G by Guess
  • Flipflops from Sanuk

A python snake which size is for a 40 years old, but he’s actually 15 years old only.

While watching Marimar’s show, not funny at all.

Familiar? Yes we had our early lunch at Loboc Floating Resto.

A view from my seat, let’s eat!

I’m not a fanatic of seafoods so here is my lunch. The buffet lunch includes tons of crabs and five and up different viands to choose from.

Children showing us their dance number. 

We’re not able to see the tarsier upclose to here’s an alternative. LOL. We’re all running late for the ship heading to Cebu.

Touchdown Cebu!

UP! :)

Same outfit but the top was changed to our tour shirt.

After visiting Magellan’s cross, we head to the dried fish market and checked in to Crown Regency Hotel. We had our international dinner buffet at the Hotel’s 37th floor I guess. From 4 different cuisine and 52 viands to choose from. This is indeed GLUTTONY!

I just love their presentation. :)

Our table.

Saving more space for desserts in my tummy. LOL

We tried the 4D short fim viewing, Excape from the House Manor and rode the Edge Coaster.

I just love the Edge Coaster, makes me shout on top of my voice. You can tilt the Edge Coaster up to 52°. Of course, we go around the building with 52° and didn’t tilt back. The breath taking view of the city is one of its factors. The third day went like this…

This was our playground that morning.

Where’s my abssssss? :(


We had all had fun, the pool was so cold and it’s also wind that time, because the pool was located at the building’s 9th floor.

Breakfast on our last day. Thanks 50’s cafe, Crown Regency.

  • Longsleeveaztec print top from The Ramp
  • Cropped acid wash jeans from Robinson’s Dept. Store
  • Flat sandals from People are People

With my beautiful classmates.

Taoist Temple

Lunch time at Port Restaurant, Waterfront Hotel.


I love the nautical theme they have in their resto and also their waiter/waitress uniforms.

Infinity ring.

Pasalubong shopping!

Heading back to Manila, happy days are over. With my best at Mactan International Airport.

With Hearty, my buddy that night, been eyeing on one of the flight attendants. :)

The clouds were so fluffy, I wanna jump off the plane and feel the clouds. Didn’t able to see the sunset.

Flew with PAL, luggage is on PRIORITY. Weee :”>

Dinner at Ebun, SM Mall of Asia. I even saw my high school classmate, Jeorge-crush. I was singing “Stupid Love by Salbakuta” then suddenly someone was about to kiss me, it was Jeorge. I jump off the chair and hugged him so tight. I am very noisy that time, enough to get everyone’s attention. They even asked me to join them but I told them that my luggage is on the bus that time. I was very surprised to see someone very close to me that night. Out of nowhere I saw an old friend like him, seriously? I’m so happy that night.

The Cebu-Bohol tour was all worth it. Even though there are some technicalities. I learned to enjoy it with the help of my ever loving classmates and friends. Too bad we don’t have tour next sem. T.T So this has been the epitome of my tour, don’t forget to put Cebu-Bohol on your list of your next summer vacation. Always remember that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.


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Hello CEBU-BOHOL again!

This semester, I proved that it is more fun in the Philippines. Why? Because I choose Cebu- Bohol over Hong Kong- Shengzen tour. I know that there are a lot of opportunities in HKG- SZX rather that CEB- TAG, Disney Land, Ocean Park, Windows of the World and many more. Knowing that I already visited CEB- TAG last summer 2010 and my mother really want me to join the international tour. She’s been to Hong Kong- Shengzen- China for 3 times already and she knows that Hong kong is a good place to be in, she want me to experience their unique culture which she knows that I will gain knowledge. I did not joined the international tour simply because of my friends, majority of them is joining the local tour. The itinerary for HKG- SZX is also not good, we are just spending 5 hours in Disney Land, Ocean Park and Windows of the World which is 3 of my favorite destinations. 5 hours? Seriously? How in the world  I can go around the whole place knowing that 1 day is not enough to enjoy it. That is the major reason why I decided to join the local tour. I told my mom that we can go there soon if we want to.

However, I’m so excited this coming September 1,2 and 3 because we’ll be hitting the sands. Panglao is my favorite spot, white sand beach and great food, couldn’t ask for more.

Loboc River…

and finally the ultra famous Chocolate Hills.

I really can’t wait for September. I guess, September will be a great month for me. (crossed fingers) Sorry I got no photo post in Cebu, because I couldn’t find a good photo to process and post.

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